Petra Raissa Nogueira is a fashion designer, specialising in womenswear. Currently undertaking BA Fashion Design and Development at London College of Fashion. Nogueira deals with conceptual/ social/ political/ cultural ideas that impact the body; in relation to femininity, feminism, black culture and heritage and the intersections of these concepts. The body as an active space, not of comfort, for discussion. The focal point of her subjects takes the form of reconceptualised pieces on the body, through drape, texture and contours of the body versus the physicality of the body. 
Nogueira also produces work in textiles, print and art.
Nogueira is a member of the art collective FURIOUS FEMMES, working collaboratively with other female creatives, since 2017 and most recently curated a group exhibition at 46 Gallery, London. 
As of 2019, Nogueira has showcased work at Lime Grove Studios, supported by University Arts London. Most recently involved in The Artists' Pavilion 2019; an ongoing collaborative project with Artquest and independent curator Adelaide Bannerman. Nogueira is currently exhibiting at Copeland Gallery, as part of Arts Students’ Union annual Black History Month Exhibition.

Full resume upon request. 
Photographed by Calvin Chinthaka.